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    “Our stories shapes us to the people we are."

    Pick up a copy of Journey to My Queendom and get inspired by my story. My story made me a Queen who is destined for greatness. Greatness lives in all. I hope you discover your true identity.

    Queen Tamara

    Charlotte, NC

    What you get:

    In These Book. You'll Learn:

    • How to be self-awareness
    • How to avoid using trauma as a “crutch”
    • How to take your power back
    • How to free yourself from pain
    • How to claim your victory
    • How to renew your mind
    • How to enjoy yourself again
    • How to become a better version of yourself

    What is it all about?

    • These books will help you discover who you really are and bring exposure to your true identity.
    • It will bring you peace and make you explore your capacity for greatness.
    • These books hopefully will bring you peace.